Cincy Elite Leadership: Guiding Our Athletes Towards Excellence

Behind every exceptional athlete at Cincy Elite stands a team of dedicated leaders, committed to nurturing talent, inspiring champions, and cultivating a love for the game. Our leadership team is the driving force that powers our vision, mission, and values, turning them from words into actions that shape the futures of our athletes.

Our Leaders at the Helm

Victoria Collins: Head Director

Your Champion Maker at Cincy Elite

Get ready to meet Victoria Collins, the Head Director who's changing the game at Cincy Elite Volleyball. With over 25 years of playing and 9 years of coaching, she knows how to turn players into superstars.

From Court to Coach: Victoria's volleyball journey is crazy cool. She has played with the best clubs around, like Elevation and NKYVC, and even rocked it in college at the University of West Alabama. But coaching is where she found her true superpower - helping young players fall in love with the game and reach their full potential.

Club Coach Extraordinaire: Victoria has coached all kinds of teams, from clubs like NKYVC and Elevation to school squads at CHCA and Springboro High. She's got a special coaching style that helps players level up their skills, smarts, and mental toughness.

Coaching with Heart: For Victoria, volleyball is about more than just winning. It's about building strong, confident, and kind people. She helps her players grow in every way, on and off the court.

Facing Challenges Head-On: At Cincy Elite, Victoria teaches her players to be brave and never back down. She knows that playing against tough teams is how you become the best version of yourself.

Join the Cincy Elite Family: When you train with Victoria, you're not just joining a team - you're joining a family. She's here to help you become the champion you were meant to be.

Jon Miller: Director of Training

The Mastermind Behind Cincy Elite's Success

Meet Jon Miller, the genius behind Cincy Elite Volleyball's winning formula. With over 25 years of coaching experience, he's not just a coach - he's a volleyball legend.

A Winning Legacy: Jon has been leading teams to victory for longer than most of you have been alive. He's helped countless young players become their best selves, both on and off the court. When he's not coaching at Cincy Elite, he's the Mason Youth Volleyball President, where he shares his love of the game with the local community.

The Science of Coaching:
  • Bringing Home the Gold: Jon's teams have claimed top spots at major tournaments across the country, like winning the renowned USAV Nationals in 2011 - American Division.
  • A Player's Coach: Jon isn't just a great coach - he's a former volleyball star himself. He knows the game inside and out and uses that knowledge to help his players succeed.
  • Coaching with a Twist: As a science whiz with his PHD, ‘Dr. Jon Miller’ brings a unique perspective to coaching. He uses his brainy background to come up with innovative ways to train his players.

Mastering the Fundamentals: Jon believes that greatness starts with nailing the basics. He focuses on teaching essential skills and drills that prepare his players for any challenge, both in volleyball and in life.

Unleash Your Inner Champion: When you train with Jon at Cincy Elite, you're not just learning to play volleyball - you're learning to excel in every aspect of the game and beyond. Get ready to soar to new heights and become the leader you were born to be.

At Cincy Elite, we're not just building volleyball players - we're shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Want to be part of something special? Join us and let Jon Miller help you unleash your full potential.

Joe Burke: Master Coach - ‘All-USA High School National Coach of the Year’

The Championship Catalyst at Cincy Elite

Get ready to meet Joe Burke, the Master Coach who's bringing a championship pedigree to Cincy Elite Volleyball. With a track record of D-1 state championship titles, national-level club success, and even a nod as the High School National Coach of the Year, Joe is the real deal.

A Legacy of Greatness: Joe's coaching resume reads like a volleyball Hall of Fame. He's led teams to the top of the podium at the biggest stages, from high school state championships to club nationals. And now, he's bringing that same winning mentality to Cincy Elite.

The Burke Effect:
  • State Champion Mindset: Joe knows what it takes to win at the highest levels. He's got multiple D-1 state titles under his belt, and he's ready to share that championship wisdom with Cincy Elite's athletes.
  • National Club Prowess: Joe's teams don't just dominate at the state level - they make noise on the national club scene too. He's coached squads to top finishes at major tournaments across the country.
  • Accolades Galore: When you're named the All-USA High School National Coach of the Year, you know you're doing something right. Joe's not just a great coach - he's one of the best in the game.

Elevating the Elite: As a Master Coach at Cincy Elite, Joe is here to take our program to new heights. He's bringing an unmatched level of expertise and a championship mindset that will rub off on every athlete he works with.

Join the Championship Journey: When you train with Joe at Cincy Elite, you're not just learning from a coach - you're learning from a legend. Get ready to soak up his winning wisdom and take your game to the next level.

At Cincy Elite, we're not just building volleyball players - we're crafting champions. Want to be part of a championship legacy? Come join Joe Burke and the rest of our Master Coaching squad and let's chase greatness together.

Jen Dreher: Master Coach

The Youth Volleyball Whisperer at Cincy Elite

Introducing Jen Dreher, the Master Coach who's taking youth volleyball to new heights at Cincy Elite. With a passion for developing young athletes and a track record of gold medals, Jen is the coach every rising star needs.

From Player to Coach: Jen's volleyball journey started at Marion Harding, where she dominated as an OH on varsity as a sophomore. She honed her skills at COVC in Columbus, setting the stage for a coaching career that would change lives.

The Dreher Touch:
  • High School Heroics: Jen's coaching magic first showed at Marion Catholic High School, where she led her team to the district finals. That was just the beginning.
  • National Boys and Girls Guru: For the past 6 years, Jen has been the secret weapon behind some of the most dominant national boys and girls teams around. Her 12-1 Boys squad not only ranked 5th in the nation, but also struck gold at the OVRs.
  • Trophy Case Filling Up: Jen's teams don't just compete - they win. From Central Zones to the Midwest Championship and Point Series, her squads have racked up gold medals like they're going out of style.

Homegrown Leadership: As the Varsity Women's coach at Lakota East for the past 4 years and Co-director of the Lakota East Youth Organization, Jen is deeply invested in developing the next generation of volleyball stars. For her, it's not just about winning - it's about instilling a lifelong love for the game.

Start Your Journey with Jen: When you train with Jen at Cincy Elite, you're not just getting better at volleyball - you're gaining a mentor who will help you fall in love with the sport. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and supported as you chase your volleyball dreams.

At Cincy Elite, we're not just building athletes - we're nurturing a passion for volleyball that will last a lifetime. Want to be part of something special? Come join Jen Dreher and our incredible coaching staff and let's start your journey to greatness today.

Our Supporting Club Director, Kent Littlejohn. Kent’s dedication to our athletes’ growth and success further fortifies our commitment to unlocking limitless potential and inspiring champions.

Our Club Operations Leadership team, featuring Beth Littlejohn and Shawn Neuhaus, ensure our operations run smoothly, allowing our athletes to focus entirely on their development both on and off the court. Their attention to detail and unwavering support are integral to creating the nurturing, empowering environment Cincy Elite is known for.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

At Cincy Elite, our vision is to see beyond the court, nurturing champions of the game and of life. Our mission? To unlock potential, inspire transformation, and redefine victory, guided by our ELITE core values.

E – Excellence Everywhere: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations, ensuring our athletes receive the finest training and support.

L – Limitless You: We believe in the infinite potential within each athlete and are committed to helping them discover and unleash it.

I – Ignite Champions: We inspire the champion within, nurturing a resilient, triumphant spirit in every player.

T – Trailblazing Spirit: We encourage innovation and the courage to change the game, instilling a pioneering spirit in our athletes.

E – Embrace Victory: We teach our athletes to savor every victory, from the smallest triumphs to the most significant milestones, celebrating their resilience and determination.

Leadership in Action

Our leadership team lives and breathes these values, imparting them to our athletes in every training session, match, and interaction. They foster a culture of respect, hard work, and unity, shaping Cincy Elite into more than just a volleyball club—it’s a family, a community, a launchpad for life’s journey.

Join us at Cincy Elite, where our leadership team is ready to guide you towards your own path of excellence. Here, you don’t just play volleyball—you become a part of a legacy of champions.

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