Cincy Elite 2024-2025

Cincy Elite 2024-25 Tryout

Tryouts for 2024-2025 season details to be announced soon. Please email any questions to

The court is calling, and your journey begins here. It’s time to join the ranks of champions, ignite your passion, and leap towards your limitless potential. Cincy Elite’s Tryouts for the 2024-2025 season are around the corner. Are you ready?

Our Promise

At Cincy Elite, we don’t just play volleyball—we live it. Our commitment to “Become More, Champion Your Game, Win Life” permeates our training, our values, and our community. We are dedicated to shaping not just skilled athletes, but well-rounded individuals, ready to conquer both the game and life.

10U - 14U


15U - 18U



While attending one session is required, players are highly encouraged to attend both sessions, if possible, for the best evaluation and team placement. Please arrive early on the first day to turn in tryout paperwork, get assigned a number, and to log athletic measurements and stats with our Explosion Fitness Team.

Tryout Form Checklist

Please complete and bring the following completed forms to tryouts:

1. Print / Complete Player Information Form (click here).

2. Print / Complete Player Medical Release Form (click here).

3. Identify your correct age classification (click here).

Tournaments TBD

Tournament Schedule to be released Late September 2023

National Teams: 6 Tournaments

Regional Teams: 5 Tournaments

Potential Tournaments:

Academy Boys Regional Clash #1

Nov 19th

AAU Boys Goodvibz Winter Classic

Dec 2-3 14U-18U

Indianapolis Boys Winter Invitational

Dec 2-3 12U-18U

2023 OVR-Mizuno Boys Holiday Tournament

Dec 9-10 12-18U

Midwest Boys Point Series #1 - Nashville, TN

Dec 16-17 12-18U

2024 AAU Windy City Boys Grand Prix Bedford, IL

Jan 6-7th 13-18U

Midwest Boys Point Series #2 - Hamilton, OH

Jan 6-7 12-18U

2024 BWVC presented by First Point Chicago

Dec 16-17 12-18U Qualifier

Ohio Valley 18s Qualifier, Columbus OVR Boys WF

Feb 3-4 12-18u

2024 AAU Cleveland Open Girls and Boys Grand Prix

Feb 3-4 12-18U

Academy Boys Regional Clash #2-Indy

Feb 4th 12-18U

2024 Nike Steel City Boys Championships-Pittsburgh, PA

Feb 10-11 13-18U

24 Dennis Lafata Boys Bid Classic- St. Louis

Feb 12-14 11-18U Qualifier

2024 Presidents Cup Columbus and OVR Boys Jr Champ

Feb 17-18 12-18U

Midwest Boys Point Series (Indy)- The Championship

Feb 17-18 12-18U

Why Cincy Elite?

Choosing to try out for Cincy Elite means you’re not just looking to play a sport. You’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and triumph.


Excellence Everywhere: Our coaching team embodies excellence, imparting invaluable skills, strategies, and perspectives that prepare you for the court and beyond.

Limitless You: We recognize the unique potential in every player. Here, you will discover your strengths, overcome your challenges, and broaden your horizons.

Ignite Champions: At Cincy Elite, we ignite the champion within you. We focus on developing resilience, leadership, and a winning mindset that transcends the game.

Trailblazing Spirit: We inspire athletes to be game-changers, nurturing a pioneering spirit that pushes boundaries and transforms the game.

Embrace Victory: Winning, to us, is more than points on a scoreboard. It’s about the embodiment of effort, determination, and resilience. We savor this victory in every practice, every match, and every challenge.

Your Journey Begins Now

Trying out for Cincy Elite means stepping into a world where volleyball and life intertwine, where each serve, each point, and each game is a step towards becoming a champion of life.

Are you ready to embrace the challenge, join our family, and start your journey towards ELITE? Mark your calendar, and be a part of the Cincy Elite Tryouts 2023-2024. See you on the court!

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